All private sessions require an initial health assessment form that is completed by you and returned via email to me prior to your first session. Check with your insurance company if you have a private health plan to see if any service is covered, as each health plan is different.

All fees listed include HST.
Cash or e-transfers accepted.

A. Live Coaching Session
30 minutes – $50.00.

B. Skype or Phone Coaching Session
30 minutes -$40.00.

C. E-mail Coaching Session
One comprehensive e-mail – $30.00.

D. Thirty Day Virtual Coaching Plan
Emails Monday to Friday for one month (20 days, 4 weeks) – $125.00.

E. Shopping Trip
Field trip to a local Farmer’s Market and/or natural food store to guide you in your shopping needs.
Single outing, location TBD, 60 minutes – $75.00.

F. Kitchen Makeover
Food and appliance review/consultation to transition into healthy living.
Single session, in your home, 60 minutes – $75.00.

G. Hatha Yoga
Hatha “Gentle” yoga is offered and I customize your session to your fitness level and to meet your future goals. A guided closing meditation. Mats, blocks, belts and aerial yoga swing all available in studio. With health assessment form.
Sessions are 60 minutes – Single session $75.00 / Six Sessions $400.00.

H. Chakra Clearing & Balancing / Reiki
Everything is energy. I incorporate techniques and tools such as crystals, wands, gemstones or smudging in order to improve and/or balance your personal energy flow. I also provide you with some exercises and post-session instructions to take home and complete.
Sessions are 60 minutes – $75.00.

I. Meditation
This 1-2-1 meditation is to deeply connect to your inner divinity. It is especially helpful for those who have difficulty focusing or meditating. I customize your session by leading you in a guided visualization that involves both a sitting meditation and a walking meditation. Meditation brings more harmony and synchronicity to your life –personal and professional – and the health benefits include reduced stress, increased mental clarity, emotional balance and improved immunity.
Sessions 60 minutes – $75.00.


Rawcovery – The Complete Lifestyle Program
$4.99 including tax

Successfully unlock weight loss, health, beauty and energy secrets using raw plant foods. This self-contained, easy-to-follow lifestyle program e-book contains essential information in three different levels allowing you to function at the level best for you. Also information on fitness and other tools for optimal health.

RAWCOVERY: The Complete Program

Available on Kindle, click here



Yoga is breath, balance and being.

Yoga deepens & expands understanding of your self and your life.

This beautiful ancient path of physical, mental, spiritual and scientific practice originated in India five thousand years ago and today is embraced by millions globally. Whether you desire physical fitness, a calmer mind or spiritual enrichment, yoga is available to everyone.

All yoga originated as Hatha yoga – a system created out of Buddhism for self-realization/enlightenment as a serious science. It consists of ASANA (literally meaning ‘seat’ – these are the postures), PRANAYAMA (breathing techniques), BANDHA (energy body locks) and MEDITATION as the foundation. From Hatha, many different styles of yoga emerged including Vinyasa and Ashtanga.

I offer Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga (primary series) classes in Toronto, Canada.
Insured & certified with 250 Hour Yoga Alliance® Teacher Training.
I also custom tailor classes for groups and special events.

  • Corporate Yoga
  • Public Yoga
  • Private Yoga
  • Meditation

Corporate YOGA

– 45 minute custom class designed for your needs
– 5 to 25 students
– Travel to your business location within the GTA
– $ 150.00

Public YOGA

– 60 minute class designed for your needs
– 5 to 25 students (minimum of 5 student required)
– Travel to your location within the GTA
– $ 15.00 per student

Private YOGA

– 60 minute class designed for your needs
– Single classes available or 3 class pass
– Mats, bolster, blankets, belts and blocks provided for you
– Travel to your location within the GTA OR come see me in my private studio
– $ 60 / 60 minutes in my studio + $75 / 60 minutes in your location OR $ 200.00 for 3 class pass


– 45 custom meditation class designed for your needs
– 5 to 25 students
– Travel to your location within the GTA
– $ 125.00


– 60 minute custom meditation class designed for your needs
– Travel to your location within the GTA or in my private studio
– Mats, bolster, blankets, belts and blocks provided for you
– $60 / 60 minutes in my studio + $75 / 60 minutes in your location OR $ 200.00 for 3 class pass

I specialize in Beginner Yoga Classes, Hatha Yoga Classes, Philosophy, and Meditation Practice.


I accept payment via cash or PayPal for private classes.
Corporate clients are invoiced and require a 25% deposit upon booking.
All rates include HST.


These are the yoga styles I guide:

Breathing + Postures + Meditation

Breathing + Postures + Meditation + flowing fluid pace

A S H T A N G A YOGA (primary series)
Breathing + Postures + Meditation + flowing fluid pace + rigorous intensity


A helpful guide to your level of practice is found below.
It is not the number of poses or difficultly of postures that is relevant in yoga, rather, it is centered on embodying the principals of yoga that is the true indication of your level. Yoga is patience, practice, process and passion.

Novice – Little or no knowledge of breathing techniques, postures or frame of reference. You come with an open mind.
Intermediate – Can move into breath, postures and meditation mindfully. You can make self-adjustments with verbal cues by the teacher.
Advanced – Fully integrating breathing, postures and meditation into your daily life – on and off your mat.


thaiwaterTraditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is beautiful & relaxing therapeutic energy work that rejuvenates the body and mind. This ancient massage dates back over 2,500 years with roots in India as is considered a healing modality. It developed out of Yoga and Ayurvedic traditions and blends yoga postures with energetic touch. Thai Massage is given mindfully and with “metta” – loving kindness. It is done on a comfortable floor mat in loose fitting clothing.

The benefits of Thai Massage include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Relief of muscular tension
  • Improved circulation
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Body balancing
  • Healing energy touch


Include body, head and foot massage.

Scented oils can be used if requested.

Adults – 60 minutes – $75.00

Seniors – 60 minutes – $50.00

With health assessment form.
Sessions are 60 minutes – $75.00.
Seniors and Children 60 minutes – $50.00.
Thai Massage and Foot Massage – 90 minutes – $125.00.

lomilomiwaterLomi Lomi Temple Style Massage

LOMI LOMI is Sacred Hawaiian Healing Massage.

A deeply personal & spiritual experience, it includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects and is unlike any other massage due to its sheer beauty and transformational power.

Done with fluid, graceful dance movements primarily using the arms and hands, the intuitive strokes are accompanied by deep breath work.

In the modern urban landscape there is an essential need to return and nourish self; shift from chaos to calm.

Return to stillness.

Return to serenity.

Return to source.


-Massage table
-Modesty draping for comfort and privacy
-Serene, scent-free setting
-Tranquil music
-Body oil used is unscented organic safflower & vitamin e 14,000 I.U.

60 Minutes

90 Minutes