For the last 30 years, I have dedicated myself to extensively exploring and experiencing  health, fitness, healing, weight maintenance and beauty for my body, mind & spirit.  Still biohacking at 57, I have never felt more blissful, balanced, and beautiful. I first embarked on this journey at age 19 and continue to seek my unique path to total body wellness.

I have experimented with numerous lifestyle diets and exercise programs over the years in my search of ONE GOAL:                    OPTIMUM HEALTH.  

You need to know something important right off the start: someone is trying to kill you.

That someone is The Matrix.

It is hidden in plain sight. This sophisticated global system is designed to keep you sick and stupid. Then you are easily controlled, dependent on an artificial food system, and big pharma. Urban living and technology have further eroded the quality of life.

Regaining your health is the REAL REVOLUTION.

I was a successful high school athlete in both gymnastics and track & field and competed  at  municipal and provincial levels.  With immigrant parents, my diet was primarily simple, delicious, traditional home-cooked, nutrient rich focused on animal proteins/fats. Things changed with teenage years with typical western life: soda, chips, pizza, chocolate. Despite this highly refined sugar overload, I never struggled with health, weight, or skin issues. My first experimentation was at 19 years old with a MICROBIOTIC DIET. Based on soy, grains, beans, and sea vegetables, I eagerly attempted it and quickly discovered it was not for me. It was unsatisfying. I very soon turned to a VEGETARIAN DIET but never fully committed to it at that point.

Traveling and living around the world, I never paid much attention to my diet and exercise; I ate and drank everything! In my late 20’s , I discovered a lump in my breast. I was shocked and instantly terrified. My doctor asked if I consumed caffeine. Indeed, every day I was drinking 2 liters of soda. I eliminated soda on the spot and it was the most painful detox of my life. After 4 days, I was taking the first steps to regaining the health of my youth. That experience was an epiphany: I realized foods can help or harm. The lump instantly dissolved on its own and around the same time a friend casually mentioned the concept of FOOD-COMBINING to me. He was radiant. I soon met another friend who also had subscribed to regular food-combing. That was my push and I dove in head first. Even though I was not overweight, I lost a tremendous amount of weight quite quickly. I also improved in surprising ways with increased energy, mental clarity and joy. Moving forward, my staple was pure mono animal protein & fat with a few leafy green and ferments – incredible.

In 2006, I returned to vegetarianism  as a way to more fully explore health benefits. Like most of what I had heard from mass media, I believed it was ecologically friendly and nutritious. As my curiosity widened, I then landed squarely on a RAW VEGAN diet in 2008. I spent the next two years devouring the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, coaching others interested in the community, and even writing a book.  I suddenly got a rude awakening  upon donating blood one day. A long time blood donor, I was turned away for a donation as I was borderline anemic. I was indignant and scared. I immediately returned to my Food-Combining centered on mono animal protein and fats.  I clearly understood that even the strictest cultures/religions have always consumed *some* animal products/fats as we are truly interdependent on animals for our essential nutrition and health. Nowadays when I donate, my blood is perfect!

25 years on, I ***continue*** to fine tune tune. I am going on two years of simple animal protein & fat with ferments which has further enhanced my overall health and wellness in addition to yoga and meditation. Today, I follow what is generally classified as CARNIVORE DIET (75%+ of animal products). This has largely become my lifestyle for optimum health and closely resembles what I ate as a child. Truly, it has been a full circle journey for me.




Video:             30 minutes – $25.00/ 60 minutes $25.00

In Person:      30 minutes – $45.00/ 60 minutes $100.00

Email journal consult review and feedback Monday to Friday for one month (20 days, 4 weeks) – $100.00

Field trip to a local Farmer’s Market and/or natural food store to guide you in your shopping needs.
Single outing, location Calgary, Canada, 60 minutes – $100.00.

Food, tools and appliance review/consultation to transition into healthy living.
Single session, in your Calgary home, 60 minutes – $200.00.





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High healing vibrational Tibetan Singing Bowls offering relaxation to body / mind / spirit.
Video live session – 30 minutes – $50.00.

Live in studio session – 60 Minutes – $75.00

Everything is energy. I incorporate techniques and tools such as crystals, wands, gemstones, sound or smudging in order to improve and/or balance your personal energy flow. I also provide you with a crystal for home use.
Live in studio session only – 60 minutes – $75.00.

Meditation is a simple daily practice to deeply connect to your inner wisdom and peace. It is especially helpful for those who have difficulty focusing or meditating. I customize your session by leading you in both silent & guided meditation. Meditation brings more harmony and synchronicity to your life –personal and professional – and the health benefits include reduced stress, increased mental clarity, emotional balance and improved immunity.

Video live session – 30 minutes – $50.00







Carnivore Beauty: The Optimum Diet
$9.99 including tax

Intuitive, nutritious, traditional living for optimal health, beauty and vitality.  This simple, self-contained, easy-to-follow lifestyle program e-book contains essential information in three different levels allowing you to function at the level best for you. Tips and tools for optimal health.


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I am located in Calgary, Canada (MST).



1. What is COMBINE CARNIVORE? This lifestyle centers on the simplicity of combining specific animal proteins & fats with your select body blood type for optimum nutrition.



2. All consultations are private.

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