My goal is to exponentially improve the quality of life on every level for myself and for those whom I have the pleasure of meeting.


Knowledgeable, nurturing and professional, I have been involved in fitness and athletics my entire life. My very first coaching designation was granted at the age of 17 when I successfully completed a Level 1 Gymnastics Certification and began working for the City of Calgary Parks & Recreation. Over the years I have also received my Personal Trainer and Yoga Exercise Specialist certifications (Can Fit Pro). I also received training in Thai Massage, Reiki, and Lomi Lomi Massage and received my Licensed Health Practioner designation in Toronto.

Traveling around the globe I eventually settled in Toronto in 1986. I created the Rawcovery lifestyle in response to my own health concerns. Over 15 years ago I discovered a large lump in my breast during a routine monthly self-exam. It was the direct result of too much caffeine in my diet from drinking soda. I began to educate myself on sound nutrition and the power of real, living food. I experimented with different philosophies and programs along the way as I tweaked my own routine to ultimately create what would become Rawcovery, a back-to-basics, natural, beautiful and serene way of living.

As a former athlete, gymnast, and dancer and having endured countless sports injuries, lifestyle is KEY to functioning – keep your body moving! Yoga, massage and energy work have been nothing short of a miracle for me in my continued road to recovery to keep me healthier, happier and harmonized.

I welcome those seeking energy, peace, healing and light for a richer body/mind/spirit experience.